Project Name:

Leading MacBook Repair Hub Website

Project Overview:

Crafted and engineered a user-centric website to entice visitors and streamline the ordering process.

Client or Company:

MacBook Repair, 2324 Rue Bienville Way, Henderson, NV

Project Duration:

Completed in a swift 3-week timeframe

Technologies Used:

Employed WordPress with PHP and MySQL for robust functionality.

Services Provided:

  1. Innovative graphic design to enhance visual appeal
  2. Tailored template modifications for a unique user experience
  3. Efficient data writing to ensure accurate and relevant content
  4. Strategic page data settings for optimal performance
  5. Implemented basic on-page SEO practices for improved visibility


  1. Executed rigorous security measures to maintain a virus-free website
  2. Developed a responsive design for seamless user interactions
  3. Crafted visually captivating graphics to enhance overall aesthetics

Challenges & Solutions:

  1. Faced persistent virus attacks causing frequent Google ranking drops.
  2. Implemented robust security measures to counteract attacks and restore the website’s ranking.

Responsive Design:



Project Status:

Currently operational, experiencing steady growth in web traffic.


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